Microsoft Cares Evergreen Project – Back breaking fun :)

A group of MCDC’tonians boarded a bus this morning and headed out to the Great Northern Way Campus site to assist in the research that BCIT is investing in “converting a unused industrial lands into city gardens for to be used to support ongoing sustainability research”.

image … the four stations where the team worked all day.

The team …

Clipart Illustration of a Blue Man, A Construction Worker, Handyman Or Electrician, Wearing A Yellow Hardhat And Tool Belt And Carrying A Metal Toolbox While Pointing To The Right … hammered hundreds of nails, assembling research pods, Lime Green Man Using A Shovel To Dig A Hole For A Plant In A Garden Clipart Illustration … dug in the dirt for hours,

Lime Green Man Standing Proud In Front Of A Giant Yellow Sunflower In His Garden Clipart Illustration … pulled alien plants and roots that never seemed to end, Lime Green Man Using A Watering Can To Water New Grass Growing On Planet Earth, Symbolizing Someone Caring For The Environment Clipart Illustration … and finally ended the day by actually planting stuff 🙂

See for more details on this exciting research.

I can hardly type, I have my doubts that I will be able to get up from my chair and I know that tomorrow will be very, very painful … but it was fun and interesting. The ~920 hours that the team invested today was definitely worth every blood, sweat and tear.

… here is a picture we received:

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