VSTS Rangers Projects – TFS2TFS Project Copy: Artefacts

The VSTS Rangers TFS2TFS Project Copy team project has launched and the initiative is accelerating on full solid booster launch rockets, working side-by-side with the Migration Toolkit and TFS2TFS Project Copy team. 
imageThe VSTS Rangers project has the objective to deliver the artefacts marked with an asterix (*) in the following image.

  • Guidance around the use of the TFS Migration tools is guidance in terms of when and when not to use the TFS Migration toolkit and associated adapters and programs. The next blog post in terms of this project will introduce the preliminary guidance poster and explanatory text, which we worked out during extensive discussions with the product team.
  • Clipart Illustration of a White Person Holding Red Text Reading Under ConstructionDocumentation for the developer who wants to build on top of the SDK is geared at documenting the TFS Migration Toolkit SDK, the public interfaces and the recommended usage of the SDK for users who wish to extend the standard product. The intention is to abstract and hide the TFS Migration Toolkit Framework, ensuring that all the custom adapter developer needs to understand is the SDK, which will be comprehensively documented and supplemented with samples.
  • Sample Code demonstrating the use of the SDK are a number of sample custom TFS Migration Toolkit adapter implementations, serving as re-usable and reference solutions.
  • Evangelism will be focused around general awareness of the technology and the team objectives, such as these posts, and demonstration of the artefacts at events such as TechReady and TechED.

The key design principals for the VSTS Rangers deliverables include:

  • World class quality!
  • SDK
    • Consistent coverage
    • Consistent quality
    • Complete learning by Samples approach
    • Product roadmap alignment

See you in the next blog post, which will focus on the preliminary guidance poster and explanation thereof.

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