VSTS Rangers Projects – Branching Guidance 2010: Artefacts

The VSTS Rangers Branching Guidance 2010 team project was launched today, aiming to deliver an interesting set of deliverables before launch of VSTS 2010. Based on common demand, we are trying to deliver guidance before the technology ships with all future VSTS Rangers projects, including this one.

Some of the planned (note: planned not confirmed) changes to the existing guidance include:

  • Group of 4 Blue Man Standing in a Circle Around a Tree Clipart IllustrationUpgrade the 2008 guide for 2010 feature support and changes
  • Add customer case studies and testimonials … the invaluable voices and experience from the field
  • Add additional key scenarios

Make sure to review the Branching Guidance II (TFS 2008 focused) content at http://tfsbranchingguideii.codeplex.com/ and to give us feedback on Codeplex on what should/must be considered in the next release and whether the planned changes are in line with your expectations.
TFS Branching Guide - Scenarios 2.0 … quick reference poster that shipped with the Branching Guidance II.

? What interests me personally, is whether anyone has used the quick reference poster? Is it valuable and something that should be maintained in future? Please add a comment to this blog post and give us your thoughts.

With over 20,000 downloads on Codeplex for the current 2008 guidance, we are anticipating a huge interest for the new 2010 focused guidance. Watch this space for more information on this exciting project.

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