On a personal note … visiting Seattle with family

Clipart Illustration of a We spend two days in Seattle this weekend, visiting the obligatory Space Needle, the Museum of Flight and a great team get-together, where Jeff’s team finally met my family and visa versa. Here are a few memorable photos of our trip, whereby you can catch the complete collection at http://cid-707b42e47e16ca84.skydrive.live.com/albums.aspx.

P3270228P3270220 P3270226 … the infamous space needle.

P3280250P3280238  P3280255 P3290262 - Copy… the museum of flight is a “must see”!

 P3290287P3290288  … the end, crossing the Canadian border again.

The Schaub’s have finally caught on to the new age, using a GPS device to get from place to place … the main advantages are that you have someone chatting to you while driving, even when everyone in the car is snoring away and the mountain of maps, which are usually ripped out in panic when it is too late, is a thing of the past. Even the customs officials are happy (anomaly?) when they hear that you have your entire trip planned on your GPS device 🙂

Seattle is always a great city to visit and there is so much more to see … so “we’ll be back”!

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