TeamPrise 3.2 takes a deep breath … true interoperability and integration at its best!

imageIt is great to see that one of, if not the, best TFS plug-in has evolved into yet another release.
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Teamprise has released the latest version 3.2, which includes new features such as … the text in italic has been copied from the product site as-is and ‘re-used’:

  • Expanded feature set for the Teamprise Command-Line Client making it feature complete and suitable for all types of development
  • Team Build Extensions adds support for Maven builds, allowing companies to build Maven projects from Team Build
  • Kerberos authentication support on Linux and Mac OS X lets organizations adopt a single sign-on (SSO) service that covers all of their TFS users
  • HP-UX on IA64 (Itanium 2) support for Teamprise Explorer, Plug-in for Eclipse, and Command-Line Client

Find the all their products here.

If you are in South or Southern-Africa and seriously considering integration and interoperability, then contact our resident South-African “Mumbles”, who would be more than happy to demonstrate the powerful integration and interoperability between Microsoft and Linux development environments, using not other product than Teamprise as the glue 🙂 Follow Mumbles’ blog at Henk’s Guzzi Cave.

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