Where have all the quick reference posters gone?

I received queries today as to where the technology quick reference posters, which used to be available on www.drp.co.za, have disappeared to.
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It appears that the company responsible for the developer readiness program (DRP) site is busy building a new site.

The recommendation is that you visit the SA Architect Community site, where the latest versions of the quick reference posters from BB&D and others are available.

Here are some examples of posters you will find:

TFS Branching Guide - Scenarios 2.00202 Microsoft Team System Build Process3006 Light Weight Scrum Process Template0202 Microsoft Team System Planning - Spanish0202 Microsoft Team System Licensing Overview0070 Microsoft PowerShell Scripting
The posters TFS 2008 Branching Scenarios, TFS 2008 Build Process, TFS Lightweight SCRUM Process Template, TFS Preparation Planning, TFS Licensing Planning and Powershell Quick Reference are show above and are a small set of 100+ available quick reference posters.
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  1. ZaydKara says:

    This morning i tried browsing posters on our http://www.drp.co.za site and to much to my “HORROR” there were

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