VSTS Rangers Projects – the next “nuggets” are under construction!

Clipart Illustration of a Group Of White Business People Carrying Briefcases And Standing With Their Hands Piled, Symbolizing Teamwork, Cooperation, Support, Unity And Goals Based on discussions with community leads and especially Team System Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs), the transparency of current and new VSTS Rangers projects is very important. Firstly it is important for you to know what is out there and available, and more importantly it is important for us as a “community” to share envisaged projects, to ensure that we are not duplicating efforts and have an opportunity to collaborate more “pro”-actively.

If you are wondering what VSTS Rangers and VSTS Rangers projects are, see VSTS Rangers … positioning the rangers and projects for details. Blue Man Bending Over to Inspect Something Through a Magnifying Glass Clipart IllustrationI will take the jump, share the information and to ask for forgiveness later.

Have a peek at VSTS Ranger Projects – summary of projects covered on this blog which summarises the VSDTS Rangers Projects we have covered on this blog to date.

New VSTS Rangers Projects “nuggets”

The following VSTS Rangers projects have just been announced to the VSTS Rangers and Team System MVPs and are therefore moving into the “under construction” state. If you have any interest in or input for these projects then please contact us.

  • TFS 2010 Requirements Management
  • TFS 2010 Upgrade Guide
  • TFS 2010 Branching Guide
  • TFS2TFS Project Copy                          (re-launched)
  • Virtualized Deployment of TFS | VSTS    (re-launched)
  • VSTS 2010 Guidance Sheet

    A flurry of posts, one on each of the above, will follow shortly.

    If you have any questions on any of these projects, opportunities and/or ideas, please contact me. If you are already actively planning to or addressing one of the above opportunities, let us know, so that we can discuss a possible collaboration effort.

    Looking forward to your feedback!

  • Comments (2)

    1. Fredo says:

      Hello Willy,

      First of all, I am a long time follower of your blogging activities, keep up the transparency 😉

      I am particularly interested in the two re-launched projects: TFS2TFS Copy could save me from moving whole AT/DT infrastructures e.g. when changing OS platforms and the such. Is there any timeframe for it?

      Virtualized deployment is a major issue, since we will move to a fully VM infrastructure until easter. This is causing me some headaches from a performance perspective since we already deployed two build servers on VMs and they perform really bad comparing to real iron (builds take simply twice as long). Please put some focus on the performance side of all VSTS components in your project!



    2. Hi Fred,

      Your comments on virtualization are noted and I will ensure they make it into the project discussions 🙂

      In terms of TFS2TFS, please take a look at the project post tomorrow, which includes the vision and abstract of the project. If you have any specific questions, contact me and we can discuss.


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