VSTS Rangers Projects – The dust is settling and my role is materialising

P2150073It is T+22 … in other words is was 22 days ago when my family and I, with the exception of our oldest son Alexander, arrived in Vancouver Canada, where I joined Bijan’s team as a VSTS Core Ranger.

As mentioned in the heading the dust is settling and we are slowly but surely settling into our new home, new environment, new culture, new opportunities, new challenges and in my case, in my new job role. While the whole adventure is still daunting the battle plans are being drawn up and finalised, which means that we will shortly kick in the after burners and go from Mach 1 to Mach 3.

On the home front

If you are planning or on the verge of attempting a similar adventure, please contact me and I will share our experiences with you. There are many things you can and MUST arrange before you climb on the plane … many of which we have not done and are bleeding … and many that even the most energetic relocation agents cannot prepare you for.

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One of our last pictures in South-Africa, where we celebrated Christmas with our dear friend Brian in Dullstroom.

Alexander, our pilot, who is holding the South-African front.

My wife and my two boys Thorsten (left) and Jacques (right) in their new uniform from Southpointe Academy

The two hooligans in their new environment … snow, snow and more snow.

Carola and I standing on the dike at Ladner, our new home. Notice the blue sky q;-)

Go here for an arial shot of where the photo at the dike was made … beautiful area! What is not shown above is the stunning mountainous panorama around the city of Vancouver, something I enjoy a few times per day when I sip my hot chocolate on the parking lot of Microsoft MCDC.

  1. So, many people ask us what we miss? The top 3 are …
    • Our oldest son and our friends are missed dearly!
    • Having friends over for a braai enjoying hours under the African blue sky and sun.
    • The ATC team (Henk, Zayd, Herman, Robert, Thabang, Siyambonga and JP) which I used to be responsible for, the coffee that Florence used to make for me every morning and the techno chats we used to have in the coffee area.
      PA240296_thumb_3A2E7F59ATC Toi-Toiing in Dullstroom. Siyambonga (back turned to us) was trying to teach the  rest of us the toi-toi. In the left you will notice Herman (in black t-shirt), Henk, Robert and Thabang. I am holding on on the far left and I guess Zayd is stuck behind the camera. I miss these guys and their passion for technology, which made ATC what it used to be.
  2. As well as what we do not miss? Again the top 3 …
    • 94.7 Highveld Radio … we are streaming the radio all the time and it is and will remain to be the best station on this planet. Hearing Jeremy’s breakfast show in the afternoon is strange, but still brings a smile to my face every day. Even the traffic jokes are automatically being synchronised onto my Zune, for the bus drive home … yes, public transport is no longer a dream, it’s reality 🙂
    • The high walls, the barbed wire, the electric fences, the alarms and the constant fear for crime to hit home.
    • The lunatic taxi drivers and their horrifying vehicles, or what is left of them.

That’s it from the home front. You can find more posts on the private side at my personal blog at http://dotnet.org.za/willy.

Clipart Illustration of a Group Of White Business People Carrying Briefcases And Standing With Their Hands Piled, Symbolizing Teamwork, Cooperation, Support, Unity And GoalsOn the VSTS Rangers front

We are on the verge of starting a range of exciting VSTS Rangers projects, all of which I will be elaborating on in this blog in due course. I am the Dev Lead for all those with an Asterix (*), whereby I am really looking forward to these projects, especially as we have had an exceptional number of Team System and other MVPs, as well as SA Architect and SA Developer community leads volunteer their expertise, their time and their technology passion, which together with Microsoft volunteers is allowing us to create “phenomenal” teams. the projects we announced currently include:

  • TFS 2010 Requirements Management
  • TFS 2010 Upgrade Guide
  • TFS 2010 Branching Guide
  • * VSTS 2010 Guidance Sheet
  • * TFS2TFS Project Copy
  • * Virtualized Deployment of TFS | VSTS

Again we have listened to “you” and will do our utmost to deliver all guidance with or preferably before TFS and VSTS 2010 is released.

On the SA Community front … on the other side of the planet

I am pleased to hear that Willie Roberts is driving the community lounge again for TechED 2009, which means we will have another exceptional community area and event at TechED. I urge all community leads and members to support Willie, so that we can make TechED 2009 the best TechED ever! We are working hard to get the MVP Cave arranged again and as I know the dates for the event I will book my leave. My objectives will be to assist the community and to evangelise the VSTS Rangers and their projects q;-)

… well, I am going back to enjoying the last few hours of the weekend. My oldest son, Alexander, who will arrive in Vancouver next Saturday (we cannot wait), has three and a half hours before school commences on his side of Terra q;-)

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  1. Diago says:

    Thanks so much for the exposure. I am starting to look forward to the lounge and hope it will be as expected. Also various excited about everything in the pipeline, now just to time manage.

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