MVP Global Summit – Day 3: EMP Evening

The Seattle landmark for celebrating popular music was the meeting place of the MVPs tonight. Oh how I wish I had my USB camera cable with me, but you will have to wait until Thursday 1AM, when I return to Vancouver, for me to publish pictures of our very own Etienne Tremblay at the drums and Mickey Gousset rocking the place, wearing the South-African community jacket … he is from Mississippi and made SA proud! Team System MVPs you “rock” guys!
Lime Green Man, A Comedian Or Vocalist, Wearing A Tie, Standing On Stage And Holding A Microphone While Singing Karaoke Or Telling Jokes Clipart IllustrationMickey, you win the MVP “rocker” award this year!

Watch this space for the photos … I will publish as soon as I get home 🙂

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