Academia … exciting to see that Rhodes is on the radar again!

I am busy following the blog posts of my colleague Zayd, whereby he has posted the feedback of day 1 and day 2 of the Rhodes university academia program. It is a program I was involved in back in South-Africa and an initiative which brings state of the art technologies, such as Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team System, to the students to prepare them for the life in the trenches one day. Not only is the program geared at introducing technologies but also to address incorrect perceptions and positioning of technologies in the market.

Team Of 8 Blue People Holding Up Connected Pieces To A Colorful Puzzle That Spells Out For example, there are still “experts” who believe that Team Foundation Server is a merely a version control system, comparing it to Subversion, SourceSafe and other source|version control systems. Fortunately the great work of community leads such as Zayd, Henk and Jean-Pierre are settling the dust, sweeping aside the confusion and misconceptions. These gentlemen are positioning technologies such as Team Foundation Server (TFS), Visual Studio Team System (VSTS), TeamPrise, Linux, Mono and much, much more in the real world, highlighting the value of technologies used in the right context.

Have a look at Zayd’s posts and keep an eye on this exceptional academic technology empowerment program.

If you believe that TFS is all about version control, have a peek at the post I wrote months ago … “TFS Anomalies ... things that make me frown and Mumbles' forehead shine” … highlighting that although TFS has an exceptional version control service, it is about much, much more.


Looking at the illustration above it must be evident that version|source control is just one of the many puzzle pieces of TFS|VSTS … if not, give us a shout!

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