Microsoft Acronyms and TLA’s …

As reported in I, for one, am battling with acronyms and TLAs (three lettered acronyms). Thanks to a colleague who pointed me to a site within Microsoft I finally have a chance to decode some of the conversations I am party to. What did catch my eye today were the following acronyms and their description:

Big R/Little r
Blue And White Robot Holding Hands And Standing With His Son Clipart Illustration

  • This is a legacy from the days of Xenix Mail, where the letter R was used to Reply to e-mail. An upper-case R represented a reply all, while a lower-case r sent a reply just to the sender. To this day, you'll see many old-timers still include this reference.

Brainless Broadcast … don’t we all love these?

  • The use of "Reply to All" as a means of responding directly to the e-mail sender, when the original e-mail was sent to thousands of people.

To get firehose-y

image To spout feedback during a spec review faster than the PM can write it down.

I could spend days reading all of the acronyms, their meaning and roll on the floor laughing, whereby many of which can simply never be quoted on this public blog q;-)

Well, let’s continue by doing a “Vulcan Nerve Pinch” or “Three-Finger Salute“, thereby unlocking the locked VMs and continue with some real work. In case you are puzzled, as I was … CTR-ALT-DELETE 🙂

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