Interesting Silverlight Application highlights MVP distribution

I received a link to an interesting Silverlight-based application today, which shows the distribution of Microsoft Most Valued professionals, MVPs. In case you are wondering, the yellow arrow points to where I sit these days and the red where I came from late January.


Some questions popped up while I was looking at the distribution":

  1. Why are there so few dots in Southern Africa … Ruari, should there not be more dots, i.e. one in Kwa-Zulu Natal?
  2. Why are there so many dots over America and Europe? Is the Microsoft expertise and passion for technology limited to these areas, or are we missing a lot of potential MVPs in the dots-desolate areas?
  3. Why are there no dots over the Antarctica … too cold?

Errata … one of the SQL Server MVP alerted me to the fact that the application only shows registered MVPs. Thanks Chuck!

Regardless of accuracy and lack of MVPs in the Arctic, the application is an interesting example of what can be done with Silverlight and I know that at least one colleague … ping Herman … must be excited q;-)

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