VSTS Ranger Projects – Project Server 2007 and VSTS Connector

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This VSTS Ranger project is not one of the new additions, but instead has been maturing for the past two years. It started as a connector for “Microsoft® Office Project Server 2007 and Microsoft Visual Studio® 2005 Team Foundation Server (TFS)” and has been updated in March 2008 to target Team Foundation Server 2008.

Although I have not seen a huge adoption of Project Server 2007 in my home country and especially in the small-medium software development company environment, this project delivers invaluable glue to bring the project management and the software application lifecycle management stories together.

The Project Server 2007 VSTS Connector team team has even created a discussion alias which you can use for collaboration. Check the Codeplex site for details.

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  1. Have you considered, tried or are you using this product? If yes, please add your review to the Codeplex site, so that the community can get a better feel of this solution.
  2. Are you using Project Server 2007? If yes, what are your experiences and is there value in integrating Project Server with Team Foundation Server?

Covered so far

Which VSTS Ranger projects have we covered so far … instead of listing them again, I will maintain a list in the navigation of this blog.

What’s next?

Watch the space for news on forthcoming attractions, including TFS migration, virtualization and 101 guidance. Some exciting revised and new set of “out of band” solutions.

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