VSTS Ranger Projects – Load Test Report

 I must admit, that I was no longer aware of this ranger initiative, until I started browsing the VSTS Rangers database and some bells are ringing in the far valleys below again. These posts on the VSTS Ranger projects are proving interesting for myself and I hope, that they are of value to you as well.

Today’s project is the “Load Test Report”, which also goes by the name “Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Load Test Reporting Sample” on Codeplex.

Project Description

The project consists of two main deliverables:

  1. Set of stored procedures and SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services reports for reporting on a load test result, with an ASP.NET application that allows you to easily delete load test runs from the database and set the analysis comment on test load runs.

  2. Hands-on lab (HOL) for the load test report generator with a Virtual PC (VPC) image.

The Ranger Project Goals

The goal of this initiative was to create a set of top requested load test reports and a load test report generator, which are essential for the business operations of a professional test center.

Bits and Pieces
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What have we covered to date?

These are the VSTS Ranger project posts to date:

… watch the space for more Ranger initiatives, both current and forthcoming.

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