VSTS Ranger Projects – actually ship broadly to customers?!?

While settling in at Microsoft, ploughing through the mountain range of information and past correspondence … the out of control fire hose, feels more like an out of control gas pipeline … and with discussions with colleague and Team System MVPs, the question about the visibility and availability of VSTS Ranger projects is coming up again and again. Perhaps we should spend a few micro-hours on this topic 🙂

  1. Two Blue Men Standing With Their Arms Crossed, Wearing Sunglasses and Black Suits Clipart IllustrationHistorically, when the Ranger program was launched back in 2006, the projects were mainly internal use only and when the Ranger program was announced at one of the MVP Summit, certain MVPs ‘understandably’ viewed the initiative very critically.
  2. Today, however, it is my responsibility to ensure that the VSTS Ranger projects are visible, understood and supported by the community. The usage by and the contribution from the community and the Team System MVPs is crucial to the success of the ranger projects!
    Team Of 8 Gold People Holding Up Connected Pieces To A Colorful Puzzle That Spells Out  

While some of the projects, mainly the older and aging projects will remain hidden behind cobwebs,  most of the current and forthcoming attractions will be shared on a number of channels, such as Codeplex and Team System Development Centre.


image image
A Codeplex example is the TFS Branching Guide 2.0. A Team System Development Centre example is a small section at the bottom, in the centre.

Your views, your knowledge, your contributions and your collaboration are important to us!

As Bijan stated “Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of Team System by delivering out of band solutions to missing features or guidance. We work closely with members of Microsoft Services and Team System MVP community to make sure that our solutions address real world blockers.” - Bijan Javidi, Solutions Architect”.

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