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The operations guide initiative started a while ago when the community was concerned with the scattered guidance on MSDN, which made it difficult for new Team Foundation Server (TFS) deployments to find acceptance with support and maintenance teams. The original vision of this ranger project was to create a top level guidance document, pointing to detailed MSDN content in a consulting, best practice and educational style which is endorsed by the field, VSTS PG SMEs and VSTS Rangers. In other words, the objective was to create a unified treasure map to all the operations, support and maintenance nuggets of information, to allow support teams to create and implement an effective operations plan for TFS deployments.

Crowd Of Black People Standing Together On A Reflective Red Surface, Symbolizing Teamwork And Unity Clipart Illustration GraphicBased on what I can see there were many people involved in this initiative such as David, John, Mario, Sudhir, Susan, Bill E., Bijan and many more … a real community effort made up of experts from across the field q;-)

Currently you can find a treasure map at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb663036(vs.80).aspx, which was originally announced by Jeff.

Questions to the community:

  1. Based on discussions with the community, MVP and fellow Rangers, the TFS Operations Guide may be getting out of date, may need a bit of expansion and probably get an injection of new field experience gathered over the past few months. The one I found is dated 2007, which could confirm the feedback we have been receiving. What are your feelings?
  2. What is the importance of an operations guide for the forthcoming 2010 release, focusing on operations planning, day to day operations, the supporting services (i.e. SQL, Sharepoint) and the inevitable disaster recovery strategies.

Thanks for your comments!

Comments (5)

  1. tornrhan says:

    Hi Jeff,

    We are running TFS env with ~600 users and the TFS Operations Guide has been a great help for us. It has helped a lot especially in day to day operations planning.

    Then answers to your questions:

    1) Yes, the guide is currently out dated and should be updated with latest input. E.g. Grant Holliday’s excellent TFS monitoring reports etc.

    2)We will appreciate this kind of guide for 2010 release also. This is clear business need for us.

    Currently latest information has not been reflected to this document. In stead to be able to follow latest trends you have to follow some key blogs.

    From my perspective it would be very good if such guide would be continously updated with latest, most useful, info from the field( maybe moderated wiki would be better format for the "document").

    I hope weget the document updated and will get the 2010 version out also.



  2. I must admit, that I was no longer aware of this ranger initiative, until I started browsing the VSTS

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