PerfectDisk 10 – A sneak peek at the product

PerfectDisk gave the MVPs a license to evaluate and use their PerfectDisk product, which at the time included me. I thought that before all else fails and the license key becomes non-MVP-defied and self-implodes, I would evaluate the product. WOW … am I glad that I decided to test the product, because the product is truly amazing.

The state of the nation before the defragmentation, after the analysis:
image image

What you can already see is that we have three main views, the Statistics (shown on the left) and the Drive Map (shown on the right). The centre tab, performance will be seen in action shortly.

Before we defrag, let’s list some of the cool new features:

  • Faster drive analysis and defragmentation, up to 30% after burner added

  • StealthPatrol supports automatic CPU/Disk threshold adjustment, which is important when a busy system does not allow the StealthPatrol to take a breath

  • PerfectDisk supports virtualised environments, including VMWare

  • Enhanced self-diagnostics, including diagnosis and repair, or replacement of PerfectDisk environment

  • Scheduler, with one-time, repetitive and smart options

… and lots more, but now let’s hit the Start button.

… boot files first, seldom modified, directory, occasionally modified, recently modified and fi.anally directory area.

… better statistics

… performance tab, showing us the statistics before and after the defragmentation.

The disk performance was humanoid visible after the cleanup and the overall analysis and defragmentation experience of the product was great. It is a product that deserves an evaluation … go to to get your evaluation copy and make up your own mind 🙂


PerfectDisk, thank you for supporting the MVPs and giving them access to your products for evaluation!

Comments (3)

  1. Diago says:

    MCT’s also received copies of PerfectDisk through the MCT program. I must say I am really impressed. I have it running on one of my servers and it even does a brilliant job on external drives.

  2. Rob Giordano says:

    I’ve also been using this product for quite awhile now and find it excellent, doesn’t slow the machine down at all.

    I recently have tested PerfectSpeed on my wife’s machine and a client’s and have found that an excellent product for them as well.

    Another happy MS MVP,

    Rob Giordano

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