VSTS Ranger Projects – WCF Load Test Tool

imageThis project, spearheaded by Jeffrey Chilberto, is not a newcomer, in fact, I mentioned it on my previous blog in February 2008 here. You can find the latest bits on Codeplex, which means that this project is another public available community initiative!

The product is a strategic gap-filler and generates code for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, creates traces and even processes traces using a Wizard in both editions. In essence it allows you to auto-generate WCF unit tests from WCF traces, which can then be used for WCF load testing.
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The key test harness features … quoted from the Codeplex site in italic are:

  • Add a reference to a proxy contained in an assembly
  • Generate a proxy based on a given URL
  • Generate an XML representation of the request that can be edited as text
  • Record the response time of a submitted request
  • Provide the ability to submit multiple requests on separate threads
  • Provide the ability to save and load tests

Another great Ranger project example and one you must add to your toolbox, if you are serious about testing, considering or using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) in your solutions.

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