On the side – Kevlar

covert_vest_kevlarI have the great opportunity to address the Team System MVPs at the MVP Global Summit this year. Seen from a former Team System MVP’s perspective, this is quite a daunting task … especially knowing what my session is all about and which Ranger projects I will be involve in and responsible for. One of the Ranger projects has been and will continue to be a core strategic project for the adoption success of TFS, the project has created huge emotional meltdowns and raging debates amongst MPVs (myself included at the time) and the project is an ideal candidate to get the passionate MVPs jumping up and down at the summit.

Being the pro-active and preparing kind of person, I have started investigating in the availability and options of Kevlar armour.

What is Kevlar?

Quoted from Wiki: 400px-Kevlar_chemical_structure_H-bonds Kevlar is the registered trademark for a light, strong para-aramid synthetic fiber, related to other aramids such as Nomex and Technora. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevlar). Currently, Kevlar has many applications, ranging from bicycle tires and racing sails to >>>>>> body armor <<<<<<

Will it help me at the summit?

Guess not, because there are just too many MVPs, there is too much passion and enthusiasm for TFS|VSTS, and when the Team System MVPs start rocking, nothing stops them … we should be able to conduct a real gentleman’s discussion though 🙂

What is the core strategic project?

Well, any of the Team System MVPs should be able to guess immediately … if not, join my session on March 3rd, to get the answer to the puzzle and to discuss the status, the plans and how the MVPs can engage and assist us with the huge challenge.

See you at the summit!

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