VSTS Rangers Projects – Branching Guidance II

imageThis is a very special project, because (1) James Pickell fulfilled the requirements of becoming a Core Rangers with the project, (2) its is slowly but surely breaking the Codeplex download records and (3) I was personally involved and will continue to be involved in future editions. Most of the content of this post is pulled from the Codeplex site here.

TFS 2008 Branching Guide 2.0

The purpose of the TFS 2008 Branching Guide 2.0 is to build some insightful and practical guidance around branching and merging with Team Foundation Server. It's a collaborative effort by VSTS Rangers in cooperation with VSTS MVPs, Microsoft Services, and VSTS Product Team … a real community effort!
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Why the 2nd release?

Since the first release, we have received lots of feedback and change requests. Most feedback indicated a desire for a more practical approach to branching compared to the first release which is more theoretical. With that in mind, we decided to reduce the conceptual part and focus on branching practices with Team Foundation Server.

What is in the package?

  • TFS Branching Guide - Main 2.0
    • This is the main article which briefly explains branching concepts and introduces 3 levels of the most common branching scenario
  • TFS Branching Guide - Scenarios 2.0
    • A collection of less common branching scenarios
  • TFS Branching Guide - Q&A 2.0
    • A set of most frequently asked questions with answers
  • TFS Branching Guide - Drawings 2.0
    • A set of branching drawings in different formats including a large branching poster
  • TFS Branching Guide - Labs 2.0
    • A couple of examples for hands on labs with step by step instruction for practicing the branching scenarios

My 5c Views …

While the quick reference poster give a great visualisation from a high altitude, backed by the actual drawings which can be re-used by you, the Main, the Scenarios and the Q&A papers deliver invaluable information and guidance relating to branching and merging. Before you select “create Team Project”, go to a whiteboard and discuss your branching strategy, using the branching guidance 2.0 project as a starting point.
TFS Branching Guide - Scenarios 2.0 image image

We are planning to continue the collaboration with the community around this project, adding more scenarios and general guidance in the future.

Visit the initiative on Codeplex today!

Comments (4)

  1. I must admit, that I was no longer aware of this ranger initiative, until I started browsing the VSTS

  2. This post is simply a collection of the various posts that covers VSTS Rangers projects: Released Projects

  3. Parallel Dev branches says:

    If I have parallel projects going on for a product, there is no scenario that depicts how to merge changes back to main from the parallel projects. When I plan to release, I want to release project 1 and so none of the code from project2 should have gotten into Main to create a release branch. I dont quite understand how to handle this situation.

  4. I suggest that you copy+paste your question on Parallel Dev branches in the teams forum on tfsbranchingguideiii.codeplex.com/discussions. The lead, Bill Heys, will respond close to immediately and likely point you to another thread in the forum or to his blog where this question is being discussed.

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