Links to CTP evaluation posts on the other side.

I have had discussions around the Visual Studio Team System 2010 Community Technology Preview (CTP) releases and the evaluations I did while operating on the other side, i.e. as a Team System MVP.

Here is a list of relevant links to posts on my previous blog at, which I am currently using for personal posts and keeping my family and colleagues updated on the relocation process.

  1. Rosario April 2008 CTP Investigations
    1. Part-1 Create Team Project
    2. Part-2 Project Management
    3. Part-3 Architecture
    4. Part-4 Version Control
    5. Part-5 Team Build
    6. Part-6 Developer
    7. Part-7 Tester
    8. Part-8 Database
    9. List of Questions and Answers Feedback
    10. Conclusion
  2. Rosario 2010 CTP2
    1. Review Schedule
    2. Formal Planning
    3. Agile Planning
    4. Design
    5. Reviewing a Solution
    6. Construction 1/2
    7. Construction 2/2
    8. Testing
    9. Support for the Sprint Retrospective Meeting
    10. A close encounter with Sequence Diagram 


Have fun!

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