VSTS Rangers VSTT Cheat Sheets – another amazing ranger nugget!

At TechReady8 I stumbled across something I was oblivious to … as it is not NDA, I can blog about it and evangelise yet another great nugget! The session details were:

DEVCT313-R1 - VSTS Rangers VSTT Cheat Sheet
February 3, 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM (WSCTC) 206
Bijan Javidi, Geoff Gray
Learn lots of tips and tricks about how to use VSTS in a testing environment.

Geoff Gray (Senior Test Consultant, Ranger) is operating in the Microsoft Services Labs specialising in customer based testing. As a result he is “the guy” when it comes to testing and Visual Studio Team Test (VSTT).

Being a typical ranger, Geoff has created a collection of documentation, he refers to as the VSTT Cheat Sheet. The cheat sheet contains references to known bugs and work arounds, missing functionality, workings of VSTT, quick reference for complex tasks and a collection of guidance on topics such as creating web tests, using data, general commands, tricks, load test considerations, web service test considerations, test customisation, IP spoofing (hat is it, how do you set it up, what are the issues…), dynamic url’s and much, much, much more.

The cheat sheet is a living document and Geoff relies on “your” feedback.
Lime Green Man Dropping White Sheets Of Paper On A Ground And Leaving A Paper Trail, Symbolizing Waste Clipart Illustration

Currently available internally at Microsoft, the cheat sheet is going through the Codeplex release channel and should appear for public consumption during the March 2009 timeframe.

Keep your eye’s open for this immense collection of “field experience”, which is an invaluable asset to anyone using the test tools.

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