Ranger Projects … submit the “101 – VSTS 2010” idea for the next poll?

Some time ago I suggested an idea “TFS/VSTS - 101 Pocket Guide ... Value-Add or Waste”, based on discussions and experiences in the field in the South-African region. The next Ranger projects idea submission and subsequent vote is imminent and I am contemplating to include the idea as:
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  • Problem Domain:
    • The adoption of Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS) has been slow with many of the development teams/companies who would/should benefit immensely from the technologies.
    • Many adoptions are of short duration or end with problematic implementations adding little value to the solution stakeholders.
    • It has become apparent that:
      • Most teams are either unaware of the TFS/VSTS capabilities.
      • Most teams are ill-equipped to investigate, implement and adopt the technologies in parallel to their already tight development milestones.
      • Most teams do not have the time or luxury to investigate technologies before they are shipped, often using products such as Visual Studio 2008 as a hammer, working no different to a Visual Studio 2003 or Visual Studio 2005 based environment.
  • Suggestion:image
    • Create a series of 5-minute 101 reference, consisting of (one of for each VSTS|TFS section):
      • A "What is" 1/2 pager
      • A "What are the new and important features" 1/2 page
      • A "Quick Reference Poster" showing recommended implementation and adoption
      • A "How to" description of the recommendations shown in the poster
    • Convert the series to a softcopy handbook, if and only if, additional value can be generated by the additional effort. Definitely do'able before 2010 ships … if we start now.
  • Suggested Codename:
    • “eluleka” –> Zulu word for “advise, put right”

I would appreciate your feedback on the idea before the end of this week, so that I can finally submit a comprehensive proposal and one that would ensure a product that is valuable to you in the field. The poll is still open at http://zohopolls.com/wschaub/tfs-vsts-101-pocket-guide-value-add-or-waste as well, so please cast your vote … it is a few seconds, select a radio button type vote.

Thanks to everyone who has already given me extensive feedback and support for this idea! The communities and the VSTS MVPs “rock”!

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