Microsoft Answers – for your Vista questions

My group is working with the Windows product and support teams, and the Server and Tools Online team, on a new online community and forum-based consumer support site. The beta is now released and providing Windows Vista support to consumers for free! You can check it out here: Microsoft Answers There’s an awesome team available to answer your…



Your browser information:Source: navigator Object COPY/PASTE: END COPY/PASTE What does all this mean? Ask the Performance Team. Is Microsoft virtual machine Installed This sample checks to see if the Microsoft virtual machine is installed, and if it is, indicates the currently installed version. It uses the isComponentInstalled and getComponentVersion methods of the CLIENTCAPS behavior.


Test page – script error

This is a test page with a script error.  


Fixing BlueScreens in Vista

UPDATE Jan 8, 2008: v1 of this content is now published here. You can continue to provide feedback here on the blog, or via the KB comments. We’ll update the content as needed. My team is working with Dell support on some content to help consumers fix BlueScreen errors in Vista. We’d like your feedback!…


The Value of Doubt and Uncertainty

If you already know all the answers, then you’re unlikely to ask interesting questions or discover new things. I was reminded of this again by a blog post a few months ago. It was about an essay in the April 2008 edition of Journal of Cell Science by Martin Schwartz, a professor at the University of…