ASP.NET AJAX – SharePoint and MCMS Kits

Good news the ASP.NET AJAX framework (previously known as Atlas) has been released – RTM. Other good news for the SharePoint developers is the release, by Daniel Larson, of the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions Toolkit for SharePoint. And MCMS developers haven’t missed out either, check out this posting from Stefan Goßner regarding enabling ASP.NET AJAX with…


MCMS SP1a support ends soon

Just read a posting on Stefan Goßner’s blog that might be interesting to note for MCMS customers "A short note for all customers who have not yet upgraded to MCMS 2002 SP2. As outlined on the Microsoft support lifecycle page for service packs support for MCMS 2002 SP1a will end at January 9th, 2007. Support…


Mapping MCMS terminology to MOSS

Those that currently develop MCMS 2002 sites and want to move over to MOSS 2007, will need to understand the equivalent terminology in the new platform. The information below provides a list of MCMS terms and their equivalent term in MOSS 2007. MCMS 2002 MOSS 2007 Template definition Content Type Template page (.ASPX) Page Layout…


Web Content Management Links and Resources

Andrew Connell an MCMS MVP has compiled a very comprehensive list of links and resource around Web Content Management in MOSS 2007 and MCMS 2002. Definitely one for bookmarking.


CMS Assessment Tool

For those who currently operate MCMS 2002 sites and are considering the move to MOSS 2007, it has never been easier. As I have stated previously, migration is a two step process, step one being the content and step two being the site code. Content is migrated to MOSS using the content migration tool. During…


TechEd 2006 – Was fantastic

Last week I attended TechEd 2006 in Sydney. It was fantastic. I was able to attend some excellent sessions on MOSS run by Arphan Shah and Angus Logan. I especially enjoyed the session on Web Content Management and also the one on upgrading MCMS to MOSS by Chris Johnson. During my time in Sydney I…


DCA and SQL login KB913400

When configuring an MCMS in the production environment I did not have access to an Active Directory. I therefore used an SQL logon to access the database with the DCA. Unfortunately I received the following message regardless of granting the SQL login DBO access to the database. Error verifying rights: Using a SQL Login to…


Disable the Warning before leaving page message

I recently had a requirement to remove the warning message that is displayed when a user tries to leave a MCMS posting while editing it. I found a javascript method in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Content Management Server\Server\IIS_CMS\WebAuthor\Client\AuthFormClient.js file. WBC_offWarningBeforeLeave(); This did the trick.


Reusing MCMS dialogs

Have you have written a custom placeholder and wanted to allow the user to select an image from the resource gallery? Well, the AuthFormClient.js has several Javascript methods that allow you to do just this. WBC_launchImageGallery(strPostingQueryString, strPhName, strPhType, bAllowUpload) There are lots methods in the MCMS framework files that do all sorts of cool things…


Helicon ISAPI Rewrite

I have been developing an MCMS site for a customer that consists of an Authoring and Presentation server in Production. The servers have Map Host Headers enabled. The server are mapped as MCMSAUTHOR for the authoring server and the presentation server as In order to allow content to be migrated between the two environments…