Some statistics goodness

Each month an internal email goes around highlighting the rankings of the various MSDN and TechNet blog sites.  Last month I received a ranking of 1775 out of 5788 MSDN blogs which puts me in the top 31% of MSDN blogs.   I wanted to thank all the regular readers and visitors to my blog, it…


CodeJedi.Net one year on

Time to party and celebrate.  Today is the one year anniversary of me getting the CodeJedi.Net domain name.  I would like to thank Andrew Buttigieg for suggesting the name, which has because synonymous with my own. A lot has happened in the past year.  I finished working with a great bunch of people at Strategic…


CodeJedi has moved

After lots of trouble with the RSS feeds under Blogger, I have made the move and relocated my blog to WordPress. My RSS feed will be the same as always If you are reading this post via RSS, be sure to check out the new look blog site.


More CodeJedi logos

Earlier this year I put out the call to design some CodeJedi.NET logos for my blog site. I thought I would share a few more of the submitted designs with you (thanks Chris and Andrew).


I finally got around to purchasing my own domain name so from now on my blog will be at Thanks to Andrew Buttigieg and Grumpy Wookie for the name suggestions (well most of them), I couldn’t believe that this one was available. This name is nerdy on many levels; 1. Code – IT Nerdy…