Office 2010 Beta via App-V

Office 2010    Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V)

I got an email from a colleague who looks after App-V and thought it could benefit anyone out there that was about to Beta test the new Office 2010 application while maintaining your existing applications.

With the release of the Office 2010 Beta there has also been an update to App-V to support this -  The Office and App-V teams have collaborated very closely on this release to ensure that the previous limitations of deploying office via App-V have been overcome.

So why deploy with App-V?

  1. App-V provides the ability for the Office 2010 Beta to live side by side with the your current version of Office so can allow them to quickly and easily trial it within their organisations. 
  2. This scenario also provides you with a very easy and cost effective way to provide training to end users when used in conjunction with the Office on line training we provide.
  3. When you migrate to Office 2010 it also provides a risk mitigation strategy for any documents/spreadsheets or applications which may require a previous version of Office.
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