Adelaide “experts” set to share good ideas over pasta

A group of Adelaide-based Microsoft technologists has launched the Adelaide SharePoint Users Group as a forum to share good ideas about how to benefit from Microsoft’s outstanding Intranet/Internet collaboration offering.

Microsoft SharePoint is the collective name for a range of Microsoft products that dramatically simplify the process of sharing, collaborating and managing large amounts of information. The biggest challenge of SharePoint is turning its technology potential into actual business value.

The Adelaide SharePoint Users Group has been launched to provide opportunities to meet other people willing to share good ideas and skills about how they have extracted value from SharePoint. . People of all skill levels are welcome to attend events where they can meet key industry individuals in a relaxed environment.

The Adelaide SharePoint User Group’s next networking event is at 6.30pm on March 18, 2008.

Organiser Daniel Brown said the Adelaide SharePoint User Group was intended to do much more than just discuss how to use the technology. “It’s a forum where you can share and learn good ideas, tips and experiences about how you’re really making SharePoint excel in your organisation,” he said.

Adelaide SharePoint User group – March Networking Event – when are where:

For more information, please contact Keith Zerna on 0414 28 1701 or email

Mike Duhne, Brach Manager of Microsoft in South Australia will be in attendance, which will give you a networking opportunity to meet Mike along with other key figures of the industry showing their support for the Adelaide SharePoint User group.

About the Adelaide SharePoint User Group

The Adelaide SharePoint User Group is a non-profit organisation with a focus on the Microsoft SharePoint environment and technology covering administration, development, governance and infrastructure. Its focus will be providing a network with other people who have dealings with SharePoint and Microsoft office and to have regular monthly meetings.

As well as being a networking group, the Adelaide SharePoint user group will be a great way for new members to quickly build the a support group and increase their resources by meeting other members in the local community who share similar skills and resources.

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