It’s my birthday

Hip hip hooray…it’s my birthday…pretty sad that I would be blogging first thing on my birthday, but hey it’s a nerd thing to do.


Christmas 2006 and my birthday

It is nearly midnight on Christmas night 2006, so that means that it is almost my birthday… Happy Birthday to me! Merry Christmas to everyone and have a safe new years.


Event Handlers in WSS v3

Those that are familiar with event handlers on Document Library lists in WSS v2 will be excited to know that event handlers can now be attached to any type of list. Not only do we get access to the Asynchronous events such as ItemAdded, we now also get access to Synchronous event before the fact,…


Australia is in a drought

This picture was sent to me by my future sister in-law Deneale. It was taken at Lake Wendouree in Ballarat. Lake Wendouree was the venue for the 1956 Olympic Games rowing and is all but dry presently. This once full lake that was home to hundreds of birds and fish is now completely dry due…


Mo-vember update

The MOSSIG team was able to raise $718 in donations for Movember. This amount will be matched by the company I work for SDM. So a total donation of around $1450 has been raised. I think this is excellent and enjoyed growing my mo. I have however removed it as it didn’t really suit and…


MOSSIG / Victoria .NET Hands on Dev Day

Today I am helping run the MOSSIG and Victoria.NET hands on development day at Cliftons in Melbourne. We are running two streams. Stream 1 is on the new .NET 3.0 framework and stream 2 is on Office 2007. Presenting in the Office stream are the MOSSIG team Ben Walters, Ed Richard, Tim Wragg and myself.