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UK ISV Technical Team in-person Events

These are the planned events through August and September that are currently open for registration. #BuildWithAzure #Azure

Briefing Roadshow: Your Journey to the Microsoft Azure Cloud – A Briefing for Software Solution Businesses

We’re back on the road! In this multi-location technical briefing, spanning the UK, we will share the secrets from the different options to design and build apps in the cloud with Azure. Whether you are migrating existing applications “as is” to the cloud, optimising existing solutions and systems for cost on the cloud or building new applications specifically for the cloud. Join us as we show you the fastest route to the cloud and beyond with Microsoft Azure.

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Future Planned Events (Not yet open for registration), to be informed about when these events run and to sign up for event notifications – please email vipazure@microsoft.com!

Best Practices: Designing highly scalable and available cloud solutions

Agenda: Covers range of Azure best practices, patterns, dos and don’ts, etc around application high availability and scalability

London Paddington 2KS (capacity 40) 27th Sept


Serverless and Microservices Azure Workshop

Agenda: Cover the latest hot trends in Azure such as Containers, Functions, Service Fabric, microservice design patterns, etc

London Paddington 2KS (capacity 40) 10th Oct


Best Practices: Security, Privacy and GDPR in Azure Workshop

Agenda: cover salient identity, security, privacy and GDPR aspects to Azure

London Paddington 2KS (capacity 40) 17th Oct


Data and the Intelligent Cloud

Agenda: Big data, ML, AI, etc

London Paddington 2KS (capacity 50) 9th Nov


Best Practices: Deploy, Manage and Support Azure Based Services

Agenda: Best practices, patterns, dos and don’ts, etc around how to best deploy, and manage and support Azure applications

London Paddington 2KS (capacity 50) 16th Nov


Best Practices: Architecting for cost design and managing, tracking and controlling service costs on Azure.

Agenda: Best practices, patterns, dos and don’ts, etc around how to reduce operational costs on Azure and get a better return on your cloud investment.

London 2KS (capacity 50) 12th Dec


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