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Crib Sheet: Get Started with Windows Containers and Docker

A few people have been asking about where to start with containers on Windows 10 and Windows server, and with deployment to Azure (thinking about ACS and ACIs). Before you even worry about how you host and deploy containers in Azure, it’s probably best to start with a quick 101 list of reading and video… Read more

Briefing Roadshow: Your Journey to the Microsoft Azure Cloud – A Briefing for Software Solution Businesses

In this technical roadshow briefing, we will share the secrets from the different options to design and build apps in the cloud with Azure. Whether you are migrating existing applications “as is” to the cloud, optimising existing solutions and systems for cost on the cloud or building new applications specifically for the cloud. Join us… Read more

An Interactive Workshop: 12 Things to Consider when Moving to the Azure Cloud

Have you been evaluating Azure as a possible platform for a software project? Or perhaps you have an existing application you are considering moving to Azure? If you develop software and are unsure about how to best proceed, or are going through the design process for a move to the cloud, then this interactive technical… Read more

How to Deploy a (Functions / Angular / Other native HTML5) App to Azure App Service from CI and CD tools.

How to package, zip and deploy websites, authenticate to the App Service APIs and upload HTML sites directly to Azure App Service…. Read more