VS/TFS 2010 SP1 Beta

The VS/TFS 2010 SP1 Beta has been released! Brian has details on his blog but I wanted to draw attention to the Team Build fixes in this service pack, what’s great is that some of these fixes directly resulted from our dogfooding:

Build Automation

  • Cannot delete build drops if a controller goes down
  • Summary View: The first changeset in the list of 'Associated Changesets' show up twice (sometimes)
  • Ancient changesets being associated with build...
  • Memory leaks and performance drop on TFS 2010 Build Service under heavy load
  • Watson: Application buildnotification.exe; Exception system.argumentnullexception
  • Watson: Application tfsbuildservicehost.exe from Dev10 RTM; Exception 0xC000001D
  • Change the default in "Build Retention"->"What to Delete" from "All" to "All - Test Result"
  • Manually queueing a gated check-in build intermittedly disables the dropdown "what do you want to build?"
  • Build Definition Cache on the AT can become corrupt when multiple definitions map/cloak the same paths in the workspace templates
  • Undo in gated check-in does not remove unshelved adds from the disk leaving a cluttered workspace and allowing breaking check-ins to potentially make it through
  • Customer can inadvertently change build quality due to odd focus and scroll wheel interaction

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