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Wiki: Format XML Markup using Notepad++

By Matthew Yarlett
4 Feb 2014

This article demonstrates how to achieve good XML formatting in a wiki article using Notepad++ (a free Notepad editor) with the XML Tools add-in.

How to use Powershell to notify Active Directory users about password expiry

By Mr X
28 Feb 2014

When a password is about to expire, Windows systems are able to notify about the expiry. They are also able to ask the user to change his password when the current one expires. This may not be true for non-Windows systems and the management of password policies may become complicated in companies having heterogeneous operating systems (Windows and non-Windows Operating Systems).

Demystify Kerberos setup with FIM 2010 R2 with SSPR

By James Resue
6 Feb 2014

Customer requirement to implement it for their FIM 2010R2 deployment. Microsoft Technet has a decent guide for examples of the Service Principal Names to create, but falls short in the explanations so this article will try to address some of those.

Windows Azure BizTalk Services Operations: Backup and Restore

By Steef-Jan Wiggers
21 Feb 2014

Windows Azure BizTalk Services (WABS) provides capabilities for EAI and B2B in the cloud. This relative new service was made available for customers in November 2013. Microsoft committed to have a release cadence for new features every three months. Currently in February 2014 Microsoft has released new features for WABS.

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