Impact of the TechNet Guru competition on Windows Development – Part 1

I think I'm officially writing a blog post about a blog post, so that's a little strange. =^)


Anyway, please go check out XAML guy's post here:

 TechNet Guru GOLD Winners in Windows Development (May-July 2013)  


He goes through the first three months of the gold medal winners of our development categories on TechNet Guru. This is to help show that even though TechNet Wiki is on TechNet, this is Microsoft's Wiki solution for developers as well (versus trying to maintain too many different Wikis and keeping so many communities separate when there's so much overlap).

Here is our first development gold medal winner from our first TechNet Guru competition:

Guru Award  Visual Basic Technical Guru - May 2013  

Gold Award Winner


Reed Kimble How to Create Video Games in VB.Net (Windows Forms)
  • "This article starts out super well."
  • "The how to create a video game article was a subject that is often asked about in places like the forums. It addressed the subject with well written text and code examples to match."
  • "It was pitched at just the right level for hobbyist/early learners that are often the ones trying to achieve this."
  • "It covers very well the concept of a game loop and how to make one somewhat performant (best made-up word ever)."


Our Windows development categories have included:

  • Visual Basic
  • Visual C#
  • Windows Phone Development
  • Windows Store Apps Development (we've since decided to combine this category with Windows Phone development)
  • WPF

Plus we've had the educational development language/tool from Microsoft:

  • Small Basic

And then we've also had some categories that bridge the gap (dev for IT platforms)...

  • Transact-SQL
  • Windows Server SDK (we currently include it in the Windows Server category; and we message out to the SDK forum specifically, to collaborate with the that community on content)


Please check out XAML Guy's blog post as he goes through the winning articles from the first three months and comments on each:

TechNet Guru GOLD Winners in Windows Development (May-July 2013)



   - Ninja Ed



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  1. Thanks again to XAML Guy for making this happen!

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