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Windows Azure BizTalk Services EAI Bridges – Diagnostics

By Steef-Jan Wiggers
January 22, 2014

Windows Azure BizTalk Services (WABS) is general available since mid-November 2013. This brand new service in Windows Azure is meant to provide EAI or B2B services through the cloud. The EAI Service enables you to exchange data through different protocols and transform it to and from different formats. Similar to what the on premise BizTalk offers through mapping and routing. The B2B services offers Businesses to exchange data between their partners. You can view it as a new way of EDI data exchange other than a value added network (VAN).....


SharePoint 2013: Build a Webpart using HTML, JavaScript and the XML Viewer Web Part

By Brandon Atkinson
January 22, 2014

With the rise of SharePoint 2013 and Apps for SharePoint, client side object model (CSOM) and JavaScript object model (JSOM) are becoming the norm for development on SharePoint. In SharePoint 2013 the CSOM and JSOM object models have been greatly expanded and optimized making client side development a joy. Even in SharePoint 2010, these object models allowed for a lot of development opportunities. If you needed something more robust…



Both these articles were gold medal winners for the November TechNet Guru awards!

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  1. Thanks again to Steef-Jan and Brandon for these high-quality articles!

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