Featured Articles: "Visual C#: Thread.Sleep vs. Task.Delay" and "Various Media Objects for Windows Phone and Their Roles"

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Visual C#: Thread.Sleep vs. Task.Delay

By Jaliya Udagedara
Featured on December 25, 2013

We use both Thread.Sleep() and Task.Delay() to suspend the execution of a program for some given time. But are we actually suspending the execution? What is the difference between these two? How to abort from a Sleeping thread or from a delaying task? Those are some of the questions I believe most of us have. Hopefully I am trying to answer all the questions above. Let’s go by an example. I have a very simple Windows Forms application which has the following form....

Let’s see an example. I have a very simple Windows Forms application that has the following form:


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Visual C#: Thread.Sleep vs. Task.Delay




Various Media Objects for Windows Phone and Their Roles

By mcosmin
Featured on December 25, 2013

Windows phone has various media related classes which have proven to be very confusing for new developers. This article will try to shed some light on the matter and hopefully answer most questions beginners might have. But before that, we need to define some terminology. The media library is defined as the place where music, pictures and videos are stored in the phone. This is a special folder where apps only have limited access to. The isolated storage is that place where the app can save...



Both these articles won the gold medals for their categories in the November TechNet Guru competition. 

Thanks go out to Jaliya and mcosmin!

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  1. Thanks again to Jaliya and Mcosmin for their award winning articles!

  2. Mariya Krusheva says:

    Do you know how many idiots write articles? For example, Veselka Boeva, a professor without any scientific talent or knowledge.

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