We want your feedback

Did you know Microsoft is seeking feedback from developers about including WCF Services features in .NET Core? https://www.research.net/r/GitWCF – is a link to the survey What are you waiting for?  


How Transactions work on WCF

One of this days I had this scenario where I needed to discuss with some colleagues how to configure Transactions support for WCF services, doing this I realize that there is indeed a great deal of lack of knowledge around this topic. I made some research to see what’s out there and despite some very…


Some thoughts around Service Throttling on WCF Services

One of this we had to work on an issue around how to implement the Service Throttling Behaviour in a set of highly accessible WCF Services, basically we want that the maximum load on each service to be controlled. Of course, that we were aware that the effects of these settings are dependent on the transport (different…