After Server reboot you loose your SSL Bindings funcionatlity on your WCF Service

For some “supernatural” and “odd” reason sometimes you loose your SSL bindings in your WCF Services and you cannot test them even if the “netsh http show sslcert” command correctly shows the binding for the all the your WCF applications. I saw this happen on several scenarios, allways after a server reboot, and most of times…


Two WCF services listening on Endpoint using NamedPipes can thrown EndpointNotFoundException

Some time ago, I was helping out a team of developers that after testing this new WCF Service in their developement environment they went out and deployed this amazing piece of Software code and sudenly they started to see this really aboying error: System.ServiceModel.EndpointNotFoundException: There was no endpoint listening at net.pipe://localhost/AmazingWCFService/WonderfullDefaultPipe that could accept the…


The WCF Service, the Load Balancer and the Transport Security

Looking at the title of this post it looks almost that I will be talking about a remake of some “Western Spaghetti” of the old days, but no, rest assure, that is not the case the topic is something much more dangerous. Lets talk about WCF Services, Load Balancers and Security stuff, scary talk, right?…


Can I define a UDT inside a Oracle Function Package and use it on my WCF-Oracle Adaptor?

One of this days I got this problem were some help was needed to provide an insight regarding the use of the WCF-Oracle Adapter for Biztalk, being very comfortable with the WCF part of the issue I thought that I could provide some help on the discussion. So basically the issue he had this team…


Wondering about WCF Proxy usage

Usually one of the topics in the WCF space that causes the most doubts and discussions are around WCF Proxy creation and usage. I can say from my experience that most of time the doubts and discussion are based mostly one some confusion around how a WCF Proxy works, and oddly enough those are around…


Hosting Workflows in a WCF Service is queueing up and times out

Hosting a Workflow through a WCF Service is not an usual scenario that we see very often, right? Well a couple of days ago I find out one of this unicorns, and guess what? Yes, is causing some issues 🙂 So, I got this question for help on a scenario where the developers had developed…


How can WCF service send “Connection: close” in HTTP Response Header?

Developers have sometimes this strange desire to do odd things 🙂 One of this days a colleague of mine came out with this idea: “I need to send a “Connection: Close” in my Http Response Header?” –  After some fighting from my part to try to understand why he would like to do such a…


Does WCF on IIS needs Anonymous Authentication?

One of this days, I had this conversation with one of my colleagues where he was saying that you need to enable Anonymous Authentication on IIS in order to host a WCF Service in IIS. In fact I was surprised for the large number of people that still believe that is indeed a requirement. So…


[WCF Errors] : Could not find a base address that matches scheme net.tcp for the endpoint with binding NetTcpBinding

So, you decided to migrate some of your WCF Services into a new Server. However after this migration the WCF Services are not working and you start seeing the below Error: “Could not find a base address that matches scheme net.tcp for the endpoint with binding NetTcpBinding. Registered base address schemes are [http]. ” Frustrating, right? However the…


We want your feedback

Did you know Microsoft is seeking feedback from developers about including WCF Services features in .NET Core? – is a link to the survey What are you waiting for?