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Being the Dev world such a dynamic vortex of always new cool stuff coming out I thought it would be a good idea to use this Blog also to share the things I had found cool and interesting in our little world.

Not intending to be any kind of exhaustive and complete repository of the news, just what I had stumble upon every week and find out to be useful/funny/awesome regarding Dev stuff.

This will be my first "Last Week Dev Bits", lets see how it goes. 🙂

  • Bringing custom icons to your VSCode projects. See how:
  • Trying to figure out how to deploy your business logic code to an IoT Edge device using Azure Functions? Read more
  • Say goodbye to custom steps - Microsoft just launched build status notifications for VSAppCenter! Read here.
  • Hear from Elijah Manor & Burke Holland about 5 VS extensions that'll make your life a bit easier.
  • New keyboard shortcuts make it easier to run Python code in the terminal! Get the latest extension for code now. Check it out here.
  • You can now master Nodejs with this free Opensource eBook on Github! Start building today.
  • Learn how to build immutable infrastructure for Azure using VisualStudio Team Services as CI/CD and popular Open Source tools from Hashi Corp and Red Hat. Great Tutorial on it here
  • What about bring AI to your data with Machine Learning services in SQL Server, cool right? Watch how
  • React expert Randy Morgan joins John Papa and explains how React handles local state, state flow, props on an all new episode of FiveThings! Watch here.
  • Check out at EdXOnline for an in-depth look at developing NoSQL apps in super-scalable Azure CosmosDB. Great stuff. Find it here.
  • Exponentially Difficult Debugging - Debugging in the age of AI – an interesting read.
  • Easily create customizable CI/CD pipelines in Azure with VSTS. Learn how with our 5-min quickstarts. Real good stuff! Here.
  • Want to assign a work item to a group of Devs? You can do that. Extend VSTS project templates...here's how.
  • Designing apps for the Xbox or TV? Read about everything you need to keep in mind. Learn how.
  • From spinning up containers to tapping Microservices, Microsoft is simplifying the developer experience. Check out the Q&A at Redmond to learn
  • Check out new hands-on Kubernetes labs. Follow step-by-step examples to create containerized and distributed apps in Kubernetes & Kubeless, using Azure cloud services to put them into production.
  • Catch bugs before your users do with VSAppCenter service test. Learn how
  • Learn to containerize your Golang code by following the step-by-step examples in this free eBook.
  • Building Java applications on ServiceFabric: A look under the hood with Pavan Kunapareddy! Watch here.
  • Start working with Git in Visual Studio! Create a local repo for your project and learn how to use the code editor, debugger, and other Git-related features. All you need here.
  • Ensure your AzureSQLDB has the resources it needs and makes the most of those resources. Download the free eBook to learn how
  • Take a look at our .NET Application Architecture Guidance site for a collection for free e-books, videos and code samples. Find it here.
  • This is SO cool! Use Azure AD to login to Azure Linux virtual machines
  • Speed up R w/ parallel programming in the cloud. Here's @David Smith's presentation complete w/ slides & all the references you need. And its really good.
  • If you couldn’t attend Microsoft Build 2018, now is your opportunity to do so online with Microsoft Build Live 2018. Learn about the Cloud, AI, IoT, and much more. Check out all the content organized into a playlist
  • Integrating SQLServer Data Tools in your DevOps pipeline makes it easy to develop and manage your database. Learn how
  • Node.js & Cloud-native apps are changing the way devs build. Download the free E-book to learn how to create a WebApp on Linux and more
  • How to use the Apache Kafka interface of Azure Event Hubs with Spring Cloud Stream. Find it here
  • Install and configure Ansible to manage your Azure virtual machines in five minutes! Learn how
  • Using asynchronous programming helps your app stay responsive when it does work that might take an extended amount of time. Learn more.
  • Got 10 minutes? Then you have time to learn how to run the SQLServer 2017 container image with Docker. Learn here.
  • OpenSource dotNET Core runs basically everywhere - even on on ARMv7/ARMv8 chips like the RaspberryPi. See what Hanselman has done with it now. Watch it here.
  • Have you checked out the new AzureStack developer features? No? Have a look
  • The latest version of the Service Fabric tools, part of VS2017 v15.7, includes new container tooling for .NET Framework & dotNET Core apps. Check 'em out here
  • Tutorial: learn how to set up CI/CD for Azure using Terraform, Ansible and VisualStudio Team Services. Read more.
  • Know where to find the best Web Dev and Design tutorials! Get the help you need for front end development with these 15 resources
  • Announcing Windows Community Toolkit v3.0.
  • Now you can predict and analyze the sentiment of your website's comments with Machine Learning! This tutorial shows how to use API to create a sentiment classifier through a .NET Core console application using C# in VisualStudio!
  • Couldn't make it there live? Let's visit one of the MSBuild Breakout Sessions:  Get in the Zone w/ VS2017 Productivity Enhancements. Really a great session on Productivity. Watch it here.
  • Sweet news from the dotNET Team: Just released... .NET Core 2.1, including improved support for real-time web communication w/ SignalR, Web & Data Stacks, compatibility w/ .NET Framework. Read more.
  • Setting up a new machine...installed code and wanted it to be how I'm used to it. Get you setup. Learn how.
  • New feature...Now in VS2017 v 15.7, IntelliTrace automatically takes snapshots on exception events, breakpoints & debugger steps. Read here.
  • Discover how integrating SQLServer 2017 into your DevOps pipeline can help you build better apps. Read more
  • Matthew walks us all of the great new features that developers can get right now! Another Great Xamarin Show Episode.
  • Mixed Reality + Azure = ? | #ifdef WINDOWS. Watch it here
  • Check out the Azure IoT Edge Connector for Kubernetes. Code here.
  • Get a look at all the new features and an awesome overview in the VisualStudio Tools for Unity we’re building to improve your productivity in this MSBuild Theater Session Replay here.
  • Meet Mert Coskun, dev behind Azure ServiceFabric State Manager. Tune in to the latest GoingDeep. Watch here
  • Like GoLang? Want to containerize your code? Check out this free eBook from OReilly
  • Dive into the research to see how Microsoft's @tavianator is speeding up the Barnes-Hut algorithm.
  • Just released the ASPNET Providers Connected Service VisualStudio Extension, a one-stop shop for installing & configuring Azure-ready ASPNET providers. Check it out
  • It's a cookbook! A cookbook!!! No, really. Grab this free Ebook all about Azure Serverless Computing and you'll be on your way to mastering Azure Functions

Here we go.


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