Workflow Manager CU4 is finally here

Yup that's true, the new and much expected Cumulative Update 4 for Workflow Manager is finally here.

Yes, it will be possible now get over that always troubling issue of the expired certificates, or the so enraging pain of the Restore-WFScope don't do all the work when you have associated workflows or even the always present fear of my Certificates expiring without I even receive any alert.

In the next days I will try to post here some of the new cool stuff that was included in this new update, in the meantime go get it on the below link:

Hope that Helps

Comments (2)

  1. Lambros says:

    Hello, is SQL 2016 supported in this release?

    1. Yes, you can start using Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016 in conjunction with SharePoint 2016 farm scenarios.
      Note that you’ll need Service Bus Server 1.1 (which is chained in with WFM Refresh 1.0 installation) in this scenario.
      SB 1.0 doesn’t work in Windows Server 2016.

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