Maximum allowed Correlation Filter have been reached or exceeded

The Error

Exception command text: [dbo].[PerformBatchOperations], exception = Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging.QuotaExceededException: The number of maximum allowed CorrelationFilter have been reached or exceeded. Number of filters:100001, Max number of filters allowed: 100000.

   at Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Messaging.Broker.Sql.StoreUtilities.ValidateSqlResult(SqlDataReader reader, String entityName, SqlContainerLocation containerLocation)

   at Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Messaging.Broker.Sql.PerformBatchOperationAsyncResult.ProcessSqlResult(SqlDataReader reader)

   at Microsoft.Cloud.ServiceBus.Common.Sql.SqlStoreAsyncResult.SqlCommandAsyncResultCallback(IAsyncResult result). TrackingId: b21a82b0-c3be-4813-af96-4a6824b9159d_aassdwewewew_4a6824b9159d, SubsystemId: workflowdefaultnamespace:Topic:sharepoint/default/04bf3f89-d48b-43f7-9dab-081d7171e30a/e3b354f5-9ada-4566-9847-453a76698785/wftopic|tct.

The Resolution

1. Stop-SBFarm

2. Run the powershell:  Set-SBRuntimeSetting -Name MaximumNumberOfCorrelationFiltersPerTopic -Value 1000000

3. Run the SQL query against SBMessageContainer01: UPDATE TopicsTable SET MaxCorrelationFilters = 1000000

4. Start-SBFarm


Hope that helps


Comments (3)

  1. Venkatesan Nadimuthu says:

    Nice Article. It was very helpful

  2. Quick Note: Stop and Start SB Farm should be executed in Service Bus Powershell. If this added to your article, that would be great.

    1. Hi Venkatesan, you cam execute them on Service Bus PowerShell since they are from the Service Bus Product, but they are also available on the Workflow Manager PowerShell.

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