Free Software and Services from Microsoft?

Hey there!

If you are reading this, then you probably are wondering how you can get some awesome free software from Microsoft.  You know, like Visual Studio Ultimate.   What if I tossed in $150/month of Azure credits?   Are you interested, now?   There's got to be a catch, right?   Well here is the scoop:

1) You have to have a product in mind.  This can be an app, game, or service idea (but not consulting)

2) You have to make less than $1M in revenue.  Zero dollars is less than $1M.

3) You have to be in business for five years, or less. Starting today is less than five years.

Microsoft would like to partner with startups to help you succeed (we, too, were once a startup)

This is a perfect opportunity!  Worry about your business, not your IT infrastructure or tools!  BTW: Did you know you could pretty-much run your entire organization in the cloud, with Microsoft Azure?  We certainly do way-more than just websites.  We'll even let you run Java, Linux, and Oracle in our cloud, but would love to see you spin things up on SQL Server and develop in c#.


Great, Fink, how do I get started?  

Good question.  Shoot me an email with some details about your business.  Try to provide as much detail as you can, specifically around #1 -- the business 🙂

After I review your information, and you meet the objectives, I'll send you a fast-track into the Microsoft BizSpark program.   This will give you immediate access to all of the benefits that come with BizSpark, which include a MSDN subscription and $150/month Azure credits.


Just send your information to me:

Oh, and I almost forgot.  I can also help direct you to some incredible free training videos from Microsoft Virtual Academy.   


What are YOU going to build?



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  1. Kebhariads says:

    Thanks for your nice post. Really i want this service very much for free software.

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