Update to WGA Notifications for Windows XP Pro

Starting this week, we will begin deployment of the latest version of WGA Notifications for Windows XP.  In addition to the usual updates to validation that improve WGA's ability to detect the latest stolen or fake product keys and other attempts to circumvent product activation, this release will also include a couple of other significant updates.

With this release we've improved the design making it easier to install the update and to stay up to date with the latest release of WGA. This release focuses on the product edition that we find is most often counterfeited, Windows XP Professional. 

This update includes the latest validation information including recently stolen or misused product keys and other information. Also changing with this update is the installation process. It has been updated so that once the update has been downloaded by Automatic Updates (completely in line with your existing AU settings) after the next login or reboot the install wizard (below) will be presented to the user and they will be able to choose whether to install the update in the same way as in past releases.

Notifications Install Wizard 

Customers who installed the last update will simply have the validation information (new product keys etc.) be updated without their needing to go through the install process again.

After installing this version of WGA Notifications on a copy of Windows XP that fails the validation a users experience of Windows would include (same as with the last release) first a message at their next logon indicating that they might be a victim of software counterfeiting. They would see that their desktop has changed to a plain black background and they will see a persistent desktop notification above the system tray as well as messages from the system tray offering additional information and ways that the customer can report the piracy or obtain a genuine copy of Windows. See this previous blog post for more info on the included notifications experience.

 As always, feel free to offer your feedback.


-Alex Kochis

Director, Genuine Windows

Comments (4)

  1. Kurzbeschreibung: (Noch) optionales Update, welches die "Legalität" der installierten Windows-Version überprüft. Wird die Windows-Version bzw. dessen Produktschlüssel als illegal erkannt, erscheint nach der Anmeldung ein Popup/Balloon-Fenster im Infotr

  2. clay says:

    I purchase a license from a local retailer who supposely is suppling an OEM license.  I have called them and they say I must have a virus. Oh and by the way come in it is time for an upgrade.  What crap!!! If this is the case I will not be able to trust anyone including DELL, ACER, GATEWAY or etc.  I am paying twice.  Maybe just start to provide a little program that runs and we buy from you directly all the time.  I fully understand your guys position but go after the suppliers not the end users.

  3. waldolc says:

    I do not understand how after running this update from Microsoft on my computer that I end up with what looks like a virus scam. I bought my software years ago at a Staples and had a smooth installation and simple online VALIDATION years ago and many years of easy operation. I install this new WGA update and now I am being told that my software is now invalid and that I must pay an additional $150 for software I paid $300 for already. I’m not sure I understand how this is beneficial to me as a consumer. I feel like I am about to be ripped off…

  4. Tammy24 says:

    I bought my system from Dell just 4 years ago with Windows XP Professional already installed in it.  I have all of my installation CD’s.  All of a sudden, it get that black screen with that wonderful ‘message’ in the bottom right corner.  I click on it to ‘validate’ my software only to find out that my software is not validating.  I located the product key from the bottom of my computer and still no luck!! I called Dell, they want to charge me $49 for a service call and then the price of a new Windows XP ugrade, only after telling me that ALL data in my system will be deleted BUT they can back it up (for a ‘small’ fee) prior to the upgrade.  OH NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!  I then called Microsoft and got the run around and same thing, I have to pay for an upgrade.  I already spent $1500 on this system and I will NOT pay another dime for something that I already paid for once.  So, I am left with no choice but to report this situation to the FTC and any other agency that this pertains to.  What a rip off.  I was never told that I would have to upgrade in 4 years.  Nor was I alerted that there is now a new ‘security’ program that attached itself to my computer.  What a bunch of crap.  All I am doing is minding my own business in my home for my personal computer usage, completing my tasks and now I have to pay more money?????  NOT!  

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