Windows Vista ‘Frankenbuilds’ spotted in the wild

Last week saw a reported leak of an RTM build of Windows Vista. The reports I read indicated that there was an RTM build to download from a P2P network or via Bittorrent and instructions for 'hacking' by cobbing together a couple of files that were released with Windows Vista RC1 and using an RC1 or RC2 product key. Thus in our hallway this version has is being referred to as a Franken(stein)-build of Windows Vista.

As most of the coverage I have seen notes, since the product keys being used with these builds were meant to be used with RC1 builds and were not intended for long term use ultimately these installations will be of limited value.  If anything this event shows the demand for the improvements that Windows Vista offers.

Question: does this mean Windows Vista is cool?

Comments (3)

  1. Dean Harding says:

    > Question: does this mean Windows Vista is cool?

    No. It means you can’t stop people using Vista for free, no matter how hard you try.

  2. zephzoota says:

    piracy of windows copies wont be stoped i dont think, i think its just like virus’s and antivirus software when the antivirus stops a virus people come up with new ways to get around it.i believe this is how it is with piracy. DROP THE PRICE AND A MAJORITY OF PIRITED COPIES WILL GO AWAY! if you can get it cheaper than it is now why would anyone want a pirated copy!

  3. zephzoota says:

    oh and one last thing dont you think that if they dropped the price they would make more money? if they dropped the price i believe the number of genuin copies will increase by atleast 50 percent which means even though they dropped the price of the os they will make more money since the people that get the pirated copy is buying the geniun os..

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