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It seems that of the news alerts I receive for Windows Genuine Advantage an increasing number actually turn out to be PC advice and help columns. Of the few I’ve read typically the individual writing in for advice is unaware that their software might have been distributed or installed illegally and is usually also unsure what to do about it. The columnists have been accurate and are usually helpful about describing what the problem really boils down to. The advice has also been straightforward and practical. The advice is often for the customer to get genuine product either online through the WGA error page or by visiting the system builder or OEM and asking for the genuine article. Here are a couple of the Q&A’s I found.

New York Times (login required)

PC World

Star-Telegram (Dr. Bombay)

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  1. paulmarkj says:

    Alex, you forgot to add this article:


    makes interesting reading.

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