Announcing the new Genuine Windows Blog on

It’s been over three years since I first launched the Genuine Windows Blog, and a lot has changed in that relatively short time. Not only did we continue to release updates to our technology for Windows XP, we also introduced a new experience and technology for activation and validation in Windows Vista and Windows 7,…


Windows 7 OEM Product Key Leak

Yesterday we were alerted to reports of a leak of a special product key issued to an OEM partner of ours. The key is for use with Windows 7 Ultimate RTM product that is meant to be pre-installed by the OEM on new PCs to be shipped later this year. As such, the use of…


Activating Windows 7

Now that the Windows 7 Beta and RC are out, and the official general availability date has been announced, it’s a great time to talk about Windows activation and how it’s going to work. For customers who are already familiar with activating Windows Vista this will feel pretty familiar and, as far as the user…


Microsoft works with local Chinese govt. of Hangzhou to reduce piracy

As I write this post I’m about to depart China after a week of travelling through three cities and visiting with dozens of customers and partners and also locally based colleagues. While I was here our Beijing office announced a plan to work with the government of the city of Hangzhou to reduce piracy while Microsoft works…


Pirated Windows 7 RC builds a botnet

Just a quick follow up on my recent post about the Windows 7 RC being available over bittorrent sites but with malware embedded. There are now reports, such as this one from cnet, that the malware infected downloads were actually building a botnet. It is being reported that the botnet added over 25,000 clients in…


New BSA Piracy Rates for 2008

In the last few days the Business Software Alliance has released the BSA Global Software Piracy Study for 2008. The study establishes piracy rates for all packaged software products in over 100 countries. This year’s results were mixed with over half of the countries included seeing their rate decline. The rates also declined for many of…


Windows Activation Technologies: Activation and Validation in Windows 7

Earlier today we posted on Microsoft’s Press Pass site an interview with our group’s General Manager, Joe Williams. In the interview he discusses our approach to anti-piracy in Windows 7. The full details can be found here; but basically the interview covered the following points. The Windows 7 activation experience will be familiar to users…


Windows 7 RC torrent files infected with trojan

Wow that was fast, though I don’t suppose I should be surprised. Earlier this evening I visited the blog of a colleague of mine and saw in a post of his (thanks M3!) that leaked Windows 7 RC files that were obtained through bittorrent have been found to have been infected with a trojan. I say that I…


Can we get Hugh Jackman as Genuine Windows spokesperson?

Working on counterfeit and piracy issues at Microsoft for so many years now has given me a finely tuned ear for interesting piracy stories outside of software.  On this note, there’s recently been quite a bit of chatter and news about Fox News columnist Roger Friedman and allegations that he knowingly viewed and then reviewed a…


The Surprising Risks of Counterfeit Software in Businesses

I pretty regularly see people in forums and blogs comment that DRM or anti-piracy technology doesn’t work and does nothing but hurt the good paying customer. After years of developing and managing anti-piracy technology that protects Microsoft products from being counterfeited and pirated I can say that programs such as this can be effective at protecting products and customers….