Did my dad influence me?

I always love it when I can combine things I really love and in this case I was thinking about music and BI.  When Data Explorer was first released on Azure Labs I played around with it a couple of times, but I have to admit at that point I failed to see just how…


PowerPivot on Lync – small update

Just a small heads up that I changed the Lync PowerPivot file to make it scale better.  In order to do so I have removed several unique columns from the import and moved some calculations to the query side instead of the client side. I have placed the new file here and the original file…


Extending your Lync monitoring data using PowerPivot and Power View

Cross posting from Ilse’s Blog. During the last Techdays here in Belgium, I have had the privilege of being able to present a session on Lync. I had chosen as a topic for that session “Deploying Lync: Notes from the Field, and more”, where I talked about the top ten questions I run into when…


Using SharePoint Content Types as Report Templates

Last week a customer asked us if he could help users to start a PowerPivot file from an existing template.  For this specific environment some analysis was to be done on content stored in SharePoint Lists.  Using SharePoint 2010 and PowerPivot enables you to subscribe to these lists as Data Feeds, which is a nice…


What’s New in SharePoint 2010 for BI?

  I did a post on the new features in Excel / Excel Services 2010 from a BI point-of-view but notice that people also want to know this for SharePoint 2010.  So apart from the Excel Services improvements which are mentioned here let me try to give you an overview of the other additions. to…


What’s new in Excel 2010 for BI?

A very common question I get is “What is actually new in Excel 2010 for BI?”.  As you all know Excel is a wonderful BI client and many reports eventually end up in Excel.  As a result we obviously invest a lot in the BI capabilities of Excel and Excel 2010 is not an exception….