SQL Server Denali CTP3 – Lots of interesting resources

Yesterday we have announced the availability of SQL Server Code-named Denali.  Obviously exciting times for everyone in the SQL Server business.  As a result there is so much information being published on blogs and other locations that it might be hard to follow.  So here I will try to recap some of the most interesting links with regards to SQL Server Denali CTP3.

First of all there is the ‘official’ announcement of course at http://bit.ly/rizjXQ.

If you are looking for the download location please refer to http://bit.ly/oj7hZW.  The download for the SQL Server Denali CTP3 Feature Pack is available at http://bit.ly/nX0HxB.  The SQL Server Denali CTP3 Resource Center is located at http://bit.ly/nRWECd.

Now of course you are all interested in the ‘What’s New’ at http://bit.ly/oT8lcF.

With SQL Server Denali CTP3 there are also a couple of other interesting products such as PowerPivot v2 CTP3 and Project Juneau CTP3 (development tools for SQL Server).  You can find the PowerPivot download at http://bit.ly/oObujA and Project Juneau at http://bit.ly/n2qmwC.

The new SQL Server Denali samples can be downloaded from http://bit.ly/pCtcAK and http://bit.ly/qDclqf.

A complete Product Guide with tons of resources is available at http://bit.ly/nq41Rq.

Some interesting articles can be found at:

There are tons of other interesting links out there and I am sure we will have many many more in the coming days and weeks, so keep your eyes open!
I'll do my best to add links when appropriate.  Make sure you follow me on Twitter (@WesleyBackelant) to get the latest information.

Have fun and please submit any feedback on http://connect.microsoft.com!

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