SQL Server Kilimanjaro becomes SQL Server 2008 R2

Today at Tech Ed North America 2009 we have officially announced the new name for SQL Server code-named Kilimanjaro.
The official name will be: SQL Server 2008 R2!

More information can be found @ http://www.microsoft.com/sqlserver/2008/en/us/r2.aspx and the "official" announcement can be found @ http://blogs.technet.com/dataplatforminsider/archive/2009/05/11/teched-2009-new-sql-server-innovations.aspx.

Also read the official press announcement @ http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2009/May09/05-11TechEd09PR.mspx.

"Finally, Microsoft announced that a Community Technology Preview of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (formerly SQL Server code-named “Kilimanjaro”) will be available in the second half of 2009. SQL Server 2008 R2 will empower end users to make better decisions through self-service business intelligence, and help IT drive greater efficiency and reduce costs through new capabilities such as multi-server management and Master Data Services. In 2010, Microsoft will also introduce complex event processing for real-time insight into streaming information. This builds on the outstanding value of SQL Server 2008, which already provides some customers with as much as a 160 percent return on their investment.*"

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  1. ASPInsiders says:

    If you are looking to follow this series, be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed at http://feeds.jasongaylord.com/JasonNGaylord

  2. If you are looking to follow this series, be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed at http://feeds.jasongaylord

  3. Is there a forum to discuss issues,problems?

  4. Hi,

    Feel free to use http://connect.microsoft.com to provide feedback.

    For more open questions you can refer to our MSDN forums @ http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/category/sqlserverprerelease

    Hope this helps!

    Kind regards,


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