SQL Server Day

It was a couple of months ago that the people from the Belgian SQL Server User Group came up with the idea to organize a large event focused on SQL Server 2008.  Of course we thought this was a great idea but we also understood that this would not be something that you arrange in a couple of minutes. 

There is a long list of things to figure out:

  • What type of content will you bring?

  • Who will be doing the sessions? 

  • Are the people you think of willing to do the session?

  • Where do you organize this event?

  • How will you find sponsors?

  • What about catering?

  • Who will be creating and maintaining the website?

  • And many more 🙂

It took quite some evening meetings (and there will be more), a lot of good discussions and for some people a great amount of phone calls.  After many questions and obviously many answers we are finally there. 

One of the side effects of our involvement is that Gunther and I were chosen to present the closing keynote and this created a new list of questions - but this time for us 🙂

It did not take us too long to know what we would talk about, we almost immediately agreed we would do something on the 'Future of SQL Server'.  Obviously we already knew back then that there would be some great announcements about SQL Server but it goes without saying this is also kind of a risk.  Finding the right content and material for this session would not be easy, we are talking about stuff that was announced a couple of weeks ago.  These are really bleeding edge developments and that means everything still has to go through the whole bunch of quality checks before this material becomes available to everyone at Microsoft.  We soon realized that our first challenge would be to find enough and relevant content for this session.  Gunther and I are spamming everyone who is involved in these future projects to get our hands on great content for you guys to enjoy.  The second challenge is probably one that is more for me than for Gunther, it will be the first time I stand in front of 300 people.  As you can imagine I will be very nervous when the 4th of December comes closer, this is just a warning message for people attending our session 😉 

The most important challenge of an event is getting attendees to come, so I do urge everyone who is interested in SQL Server to register on http://www.sqlserverday.be.  The people of the SQLUG have done an amazing job and put in a tremendous amount of effort in getting this event to work. 

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